If you want to freshen up certain rooms or you need expert advice on how to equip a new home, we offer a specific solution for you.

After the introductory interview, which can be online, you will receive a number of useful suggestions and interesting ideas for your project.


The conceptual design includes the creation of a plan and display for your project, as well as a proposal for furniture, wall and floor coverings and the concept of lighting. The first step includes an insight into the current situation or, in case planimetry is not available, a field trip is required for the first sketch.

According to your wishes and individual requirements, we will present you the optimal solution for the organization of your space. The conceptual design is a key step in perfect interior design.


The service of the implementation project is a step by which we implement the conceptual design. At this stage, we prepare the detailed documentation required to perform the work. Part of the detailed design are precise plans for laying floor coverings, designs for custom-made furniture and installations.

After that, we are looking for appropriate offers for construction materials and for the execution of works. In the final phase, the project includes coordination and supervision of all planned works.


A photorealistic and detailed presentation of your idea is the best way to imagine what your space will look like. According to the designs, it is possible to design a 3D display that will allow a realistic view of the space and selected materials. 3D visualization is an important step for interior design and facilitates the determination of colors, materials and finishes.

Our studio offers all kinds of 3D services for interiors and exteriors, 3D floor plan display and short animations.


After many years of use, every residential building loses its comfort, and often its function. But that doesn’t mean the building has to be demolished. With the professional renovation and adaptation of your home, the level of quality of housing can be raised, and energy consumption can be significantly reduced.

Our expert team offers an ideal basis for challenging adaptation endeavors, including demolition and masonry designs, as well as new concepts for installations and landscaping.